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b. 1986, HK.

It all started when...

Christopher Scott Helt is a filmmaker and painter from St. Petersburg, Florida who currently resides in Tampa, Florida. In 2011, he stopped working on his 2nd master's degree to chase his dreams of becoming a fly fishing filmmaker. After a year of immersing himself in cinematography, editing, writing, music production, and graphic design he was ready to shoot his first film. The cult classic fly fishing film The Trail: A-Z was released 5 months later and the rest was history. Since then he has worked on many personal and commercial film projects. His film production has slowed with the birth of his daughter and seems like centuries ago in internet years, but don’t worry, this hyperbolic old dog is moving into new mediums. Painting fishing street art has allowed Chris to keep his creative juices flowing while making sure he doesn't miss a moment of his daughter's life. He is currently working on his first art showing and bringing the Spooled Reels Vlog (SRV) back into production with the help of his two ladies.

If you would like to have a fishing product shown on the Vlog, you can email him for sponsorship information.

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